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Impeach the Five Supreme Court Justices

We the undersigned, after grieving as we have in the past for a close friend or relative who died in a war to ensure our right to vote, do hereby decide not to bury that entity, but to restore the life, dignity and respect of the institution our forefathers held... and we now hold dear. In order to accomplish this, we do hereby call for the impeachment of the five Supreme Court Justices Rehnquist, Scalia, O'Connor, Thomas, and Kennedy because of the disgrace they have brought to said institution for the following reasons:

I .Violation of their civil duty as civil servants who work for the people of the United States to make judgements of law according to the United States Constitution, and not as Partisan operatives to ensure the "selection" of a president.They were appointed by the father's party of the "selected" to life terms, and deem themselves to have the power to "dictate" to the American people who their president shall be.They violated all that is "holy" in the democracy of this nation...the right to vote and be counted, and they selected a president as if in a "dictatorship". They placed the people's right to elect their president forever in jeopardy, by ensuring that their party forever holds the power to continue to name future justices which hail from their own political party. They did this knowing that their party would be able to name future justices of their ideological persuasion, thus ensuring the future outcomes of federally contested elections, not to mention legal rulings on a daily basis.

II. Violation of the U.S.Constitution's demand for "SEPARATION OF POWERS", by interevening in a State's Rights issue which ended in this body's selecting the new president by its abuse of power.They placed "ENDING the bother" and "DIFFICULTY of counting fairly", (which with common sense of the common man or woman would have been easy to determine---count the different types of ballots, and place them in separate piles)---" OVER AND ABOVE THE FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT TO VOTE AND BE COUNTED", thereby declaring that "time was more important than counting a presidential election accurately".

III. These five justices undermined the validity and sanctity of this previously esteemed institution and tainted it forever, by laying the foundation, and setting an unconstitutional precedent whereby they ensure that for eternity every election in the United States will forever be thrown into the federal court's jurisdiction and subject to challenges in this court. They undermined the sovereignty of the most fundamental basic right in a democracy, "ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE" ! Each of these justices voted at the polls, and voted in the court, thereby incurring two votes each. They delayed the state of Florida's legal pursuit of "determining the intent of the voter" and ignored the fact that this same statute exists in at least 30 or more other states in these United States. By issuing a "STAY" before they even heard arguments they deliberately delayed the state of Florida's right to a manual count under its sovereignty and intentionally delayed their issuance of a ruling until it was too late for this state to count its votes.In that very ruling they failed to resolve the obvious issue of REMEDY for this election that had been before its body for weeks, thereby disenfranchising every American's vote, regardless of party, be it Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, etc.

1V.They used the Equal Protection clause in a way in which it has never been used before; it has been used traditionally and legally to shield minorities from unlawful discrimination. They in fact, turned this amendment upside down, thus using it to discriminate against minorities and majorities (their opposing party won the popular vote), and to therefore cause their votes to be discounted.

V. With their abuse of power, they removed from the electoral college and Congress their Constitutionally respective roles in breaking a "tie" in a presidential election, if this was in fact a tie (we the voters may never know), therefore interfering in the Constitutional process which should have been allowed to proceed.

VI. Conclusively, we the undersigned, and all people of the United States,regardless of party affiliation, and as patriots with COMMON SENSE, do hereby declare that this court denied us equal protection under the law, and ALL OF OUR VOTES WERE NEGATED AND INVALIDATED. These five justices cast a cloud of suspicion over the body of the Supreme Court, causing the following result:

A. An ILLIGITIMATE PRESIDENT AND LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD unable to govern effectively, thereby jeopardizing democracy at its very core with WORLDWIDE consequences.

VII. They failed to remain unbiased and nonpolitical by dictating to the governed that they had "chosen " their president for them, as if they were parents sending children to bed while they decided who the president would be.

VIII. We the undersigned, being of legal voting age, and not children to be told to go to bed, are outraged at... and embarrassed by... these offenses committed by the five aforementioned justices, and are further insulted by the failure of two of the named to even bother to sign their prejudiced judgement, calling into question their abilities to fulfill their obligation to morally uphold their civil duty as unbiased civil servants to those of us who pay their salaries. We therefore proceed to do the only "civil" thing left to do, ...and with somber,sorrowful spirits ,yet aching with mighty strength and perserverence for justice, do hereby attempt to restore respect for this once revered institution, the Supreme Court of the United States of America. We therefore hereby CALL FOR THEIR IMPEACHMENT!