Update firmware for first two generations of Apple iPod

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Owners of Apples iPod have put up with numerous problems with the product in the past: Poor battery life; an unannounced lack of certain features for the Windows version; very poor software support for the Windows version; and deletion of posts critical of Apple on their website.

The recent release of the new, third generation iPod has brought a new level to this dissatisfaction. Unlike rivals Creative Labs, Apple have jettisoned owners of the old iPod and refused to update them to a new firmware version, which contains features such as on-the-fly playlists, new games, and customisable menus. Version 2.0 firmware is for use with the newest iPods only.

The first two generations of iPod still lack the basic ability to create a playlist on the unit itself. This basic option existed on vinyl jukeboxes found all over the world for the last half century or more, yet is not possible on a digital music jukebox from the 21st Century.

Apple refused to announce the lack of firmware upgrade officially, and only admitted as much under a barrage of questions on the official Apple forums. They have offered Macintosh owners an update to firmware 1.3, which offers longer battery life, and also an ability to use songs downloaded from Apples own iTunes Music Store.

These are examples of shoddy customer service. While the iPod is a wonderful piece of technology, for certain models to be rendered obsolete after less than nine months on sale is disgraceful.

This petition calls for Apple to get a grip on customer service, and release firmware version 2.0, or the bulk of features contained therein, for owners of the previous generations of iPod. If Apple continues to treat customers so poorly, I have no intention of ever purchasing another Apple product again.