To have an Islamic + Normal school in Pune

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    Existing Islamic schools
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    Muslim parents (and parents to be)
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We, a few Muslim brothers in Pune wish to have an Islamic + normal school in Pune that caters to the normal teaching of education subjects based on known educational boards (e.g. ICSE, CBSE, SSC, etc.) with the addition of teachings of Islam, the religion and the culture, in a single place.

When it is time for our children to go to school, we make one of the 2 decisions:
1. I will send my child to a "good" school, and undertake to teach him/her Islam at home through my own effort.
2. I will send my child to an average school, with possibly some degree of Islamic studies, and cover up the education part myself.

Both of these have advantages and disadvantages. It depends on our decision what we want to compromise on.

If there is a third alternative, where our children can go to a good school as well as learn rudimentary Islam and not be forced to get into other religion's daily practices, wouldn't that be great?

Note: Two main points here.
1. We are in no way calling other religions bad in any way. Just how these schools teach their religion to their students, we want to teach our children our religion.
2. This will not absolve parents from their responsibility of teaching Islam to their children; it will be a support function, and something which comes from the daily life of the children, where they do spend a major part of their day.

A lot of us today as adults realize the loss we face because we had not learnt essentials of Islam as children. Many things become difficult to learn as adults. We do take steps to prevent this from happening to our children. Insha Allah, this will be a very good way to take care of this problem from our children's perspective.

Instead of getting together and starting such schools by ourselves, we can approach known institutions that have already done something like this in other places.

A number of such good schools are present in Mumbai. Many of us know such schools or someone who knows important people in these schools. All of them have also started with this niyat of having their children learn the Islamic way of life. If we approach such schools with enough data of the number of people interested, the location of the school, any other thoughts that we have on this topic, then Insha Allah, they may put into action something which will benefit all of us.

For this, we are circulating this "petition". The only reason for it going in as a petition is that all the infrastructure necessary for such data gathering is present.

Please put in your vote for this petition if you think it is right. Pass it on to all other people you know who can benefit from it.
The comments we would like to have from all are the following:
1. Your thoughts and your vote.
2. Where the school should be located, roughly.
3. Any other things that come to your mind.