APPLE: Release iTunes 3 for OS 9

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Dear Apple,

We, the undersigned, are users of iTunes and/or the iPod, and are frustrated and dissapointed to learn that you have not released an OS 9 version of iTunes 3. We suspect your reason for doing so is part of a larger attempt to push users into buying and installing OSX, but the fact of the matter is that for many of us, our computers cannot support OSX, and thus, we are left out of the loop. We find this to be a cynical tactic on the part of Apple, and one which is out of character, considering Apple's reputation as makers of a product which provides users with more freedom than the products of competitors. By failing to offer iTunes 3 to OS 9 users, you have made a move worthy of Microsoft, a move which, again is disappointing to many OS 9 users who have been loyal Apple customers for years or even decades.

Please reconsider and release iTunes 3 for OS 9.