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Mac was an innocent one year old pedigree golden retriever dog.

He would have had many years ahead in him until October 2006, when he was brutally abused and murdered.

In what was probably one of the most horrific episodes one could witness, poor Mac was hung by his collar, kicked with steel toecap boots, and hit with a boulder which resulted in his death from horrific injuries of the following nature: Severe bruising and swelling to the back, two broken ribs and bleeding to the lungs and brain.

The sicko that killed this defenseless animal, William David Streeter, of Coleraine, only got a six month prison sentence for this horrific murder of a "much loved family pet".

So, in honour of Mac, this website intends to demand longer sentences for people that abuse and murder animals. Murdering a human that in some cases can defend themselves gets you 25 years. Murdering a one year old dog that couldn't defend itself, 6 months. Six months for taking away an innocent dog's life. Its got to change, and NOW.