Bring back JACKED UP!

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    Football fans
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Fans of football...I implore you.

Last season we were blessed with one of the best football segments ever created in the history of football broadcasting. It didn't involve some tiny replica of a field on a TV set, or some virtual football players running plays. It simply was a run down of the biggest hits, tackles, and destruction that took place that week in football. I'm referring to ESPN's "JACKED UP!".

For those who recall, Jacked Up was a segment of the half-time show of Monday Night Football on ESPN. Hosted by Tom Jackson and Chris Berman, the feature aired from 2004 to 2007. Every Monday night, the show would highlight the five hardest hits of the prior week in the NFL. The commentators would recap which players were involved and comment on how "jacked up" they got.

The controversy behind why they got rid of it was that some people believed that it glorified violence and cheap shots in the sport. Others believe that the NFL didn't like the attention that these types of hits were getting and demanded that ESPN pull it off the air.

Football fans across the nation understand that football is a tough sport and big hits are prominent part of the game. Big blocks for touchdowns, and opening big holes for your running back to truck thru is all considered excellent play. If the hits are clean and the opposing player is not seriously injured, why can't they be celebrated? We see highlights of basketball players getting stuff blocked all the time on Sportscenter. Why can't we see a lineman throw a devastating down field block on a safety?

I'm asking all of you football fans out there to sign this petition to bring back Jacked Up! (or a segment highlighting massive hits) to ESPN. The replacement segment you put in its place is so terrible. I mean..."C'mon man!" bring back JACKED UP!