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Truthfully, we are steamed at the roller coaster events of the last year. We were under the impression that since the actors signed two-year contracts, Passions would run for at least two-years on DTV. Apparently, this was just a blatent lie by DTV to try and get as many new subscribers as they could. Obviously, when the numbers weren't record breaking they decided it wasn't worth it. We know that Passions ratings on an otherwise dull channel have been through the roof, so the only conclusion we can reach is that DTV was in it only to get subscriptions to their services. It's a shame that Passions fans were lied to just so DTV could get to their money. DTV has not lived up to the promises it made to Passions fans....and dare I say, they have not lived up to the promises made to the actors either.

So, we have started this petition to inform you of our disappointment with the decision to cancel Passions. Passions has many loyal viewers and we are asking that our opinions be heard. Many viewers were unable to make the switch to Directv to keep up with Passions but their loyalty never waivered. It would be most desirable for Passions to once again be on a station that is available to everyone without the added expense of signing up for satellite/cable. And that is not even including the Canadian fans who found themselves unable to switch because DTV is not availble to them at all. We are suggesting to NBC that perhaps the "CW" or "FOX" networks would be a viable place for Passions. Millions of viewers tuned in each day to keep up with the happenings in Harmony and they will continue to do so if given the chance.