The Classic Nickelodeon Petition

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During the 1980s and early 1990s we grew up watching the greatest network on TV at that time: Nickelodeon. Now we, Nick's earliest fans, call upon Nick to return to the air the shows that made them what they are today. These shows include, but are not limited too: Adventures of Pete and Pete, Adventures of the Little Koala, Adventures of Tin Tin, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Belle and Sebastian, Count Duckula, Danger Mouse, Double Dare, Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics, Hey Dude, Little Prince, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Out of Control, Pinwheel, Roundhouse, Salute Your Shorts, Today's Special, and You Can't Do That on Television, as well as live-action and animated shorts (Bananaman, early Pete and Pete, etc.). By bringing these shows back, Nickelodeon would be doing a great service to both long time Nick fans, and the new generation of Nick fans, whom they could catch on with. We realize there are some copyright issues among some of these, and we know that it might not be feasible to create a whole new network for them (though that would be great!), but if Nick can air them during a special weekend, or even release them to video, it would be wonderful. By signing this petition you state that you agree that these shows should return to the air.

Old Nickelodeon fans everywhere.