Bring Back John Brotherton

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    TPTB of ABC Daytime/OLTL
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Dear Powers That Be of ABC/One Life To Live,

We the viewers of One Life To Live are extremely disappointed that OLTL has chosen to let go of a phenomenal actor like John Brotherton. For far too long viewers of OLTL have been force fed bad, unlikable characters and it is time to break the cycle and fix the show and it's ratings. Please bring back the amazing John Brotherton in the role of Jared Banks. One Life To Live is not the same without him. Jared Banks and Natalie Buchanan Banks are the reason we tune in to One Life To Live and without one of them, that reason to tune in is officially gone. One Life To Live has suffered dramatically in the ratings (163,000 viewers lost) since the news of John Brotherton's firing, there is still time to fix it. Please bring back John Brotherton.