Stop the sale and possible destruction of San Francisco's Japantown

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    Mayor and Board of Supervisors of City and County of San Francisco, Kintesu of America Corporation, and AMC/Lowes Theatre Corporation
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We the concerned people of San Franciscos Japantown are outraged by the actions taken by the Kintesu of America Corporation for their intention to sell all of all the property that they own in Japantown. Due to the large amount of property they own, we stand to lose nearly 3/4 of Japantowns property which includes the Miyako and Kintesu Mall, the Miyako Hotel, and the Miyako Inn.

There has also been intention by AMC/Lowes Theatres to also sell-off the Kabuki Theatre, a major center of business to the Japantown community and to some of the major events such as the Asian American film festival, and the Day of Remembrance to remind everyone about the internment camps during WWII and the struggle for redress.

This turn of events had to come at the worst time while the neighborhood celebrates the centennial (100 years) of this special place that some consider home and to the creator of this petition a neighborhood that he has been raised in.

In history, Japantown has been an integral part of San Francisco. During its early years, the neighborhood stretched as far south up to Height Street and the Japanese American population was only allowed to live in this enclave. What promoted the near total destruction of this neighborhood were the redevelopment projects that enraged not just the Japanese American community, but also the African American community of the Fillmore neighborhood. Thus Japantown was downsized to a near three blocks east to west, and two blocks north and south.

There are only three existing Nihonmachis in the United States, which also includes Los Angeles (Little Tokyo), and San Jose (Japantown).

We expect that the City of San Francisco, the Kintesu of America Corporation, and the AMC/Loews Theatre Corporation will take a serious look that losing nearly 3/4 of our neighborhood would be a devastating loss to the preservation of our neighborhood. If the properties are sold to the people for the wrong intentions, we will surely see that our neighborhood will surely disappear and be forgotten.