Help Save the Crystal Pistol Shows at Six Flags over Georgia

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    Six Flags Corporate
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Six Flags corporate has decided to not allow Six Flags over Georgia to have any shows in the Crystal Pistol during the 2007 season and maybe even longer! The Six Flags over Georgia management wanted to do a new show, but it was declined! Corporate has decided that they want to replace the shows in the Crystal Pistol with either a museum or a character meet and greet, which they do all through the park anyways! They are just trying to save money since the shows of course cost more to do than their other ideas! Think of how many people, mostly children are going to be disappointed about this! My niece is going to be one of these children if the shows do not come back because she loves the shows so much and the performers in them! Think of how many new visitors will come to Six Flags over Georgia next season and miss out on the whole experience because of this! If we can get enough people stirred up about this, then maybe it will change! If you do not want to sign the petition, then please just let people know about it, so they can help if they feel the same way about it.