Save John Lotter from The Electric Chair

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    The State Of Nebraska
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Dec. 31st 1993. Around 3a.m. Two men by the names of Marvin Thomas Nissen And John Lotter. Both entered the home of Lisa Lambert. There was three other persons whom was in the home that night. One of witch was Teena Brandon. (Boys don't cry) (Whom I like to call Brandon.) The Other persons have disclosed names. I unfortunately cannot mention either one. One in witch is Lisas minor son. For The other individual. I have no legal permeation to mention his name. These two men both took equal part of the triple homicide; that took place that dreadful evening. How ever! Mr. Thomas Nissen made a plea barging. The plea barging stated that Mr. Nissen would not have to face the death plenty, and agree not to live in the same prison as one John Lotter. John Lotter whom awaits the death plenty. Mr. Lotter is now on death row. In the state of Nebraska when A PERSON is found guilty of murder. A human will be put to death by the way of the electric chair! This is an OUTRADGE! No state should still have the ELECTRIC CHAIR As a punishment! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! We all know it is wrong to MURDER! But why is it okay to SENTANCE a man to DEATH? That to me is also MURDER! What does such an inhuman sentence as the ELECTIC CHAIR prove TO SOCIETY! Is this justice? NO!! This Petition was developed so we the people can change John Lotters sentence from the death plenty to LIFE IN PRISION! I feel as though He should have the same sentence as Mr. Nissen. If you think so too. Please sign this petition. Perhaps this could be the begging of the Ridden the Electric chair in the state of Nebraska for GOOD!

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