Secure Our Borders Now!

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    U.S. Legislators and the President of the United States
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    Citizens for a Secure America
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We United States Citizens come to you, our Legislators, in expressing our deepest concern and fervent desire to Preserve this Great Nation.
We demand you uphold your sworn oath of office to Protect and Defend our nation against our Enemies both Foreign and Domestic.

The time for Partisan Politics has long since past as our Nation faces grave threats with the rising influx of Illegal Aliens and terrorists.

We respectfully submit the following issues for you to address regarding our porous borders. Continued inaction with this issue will result in your culpability regarding any terrorist attack inside this country.

Endorse, Support and implement Texas Governor Rick Perrys Border Security Proposal.
Utilize all Law Enforcement Personnel to begin IMMEDIATE enforcement of existing Immigration Laws to their fullest extent, to include the use of the Air National Guard to back up the Border Patrol.
Investigate, arrest and prosecute any Politician who willfully and knowingly encourages the misuse and abuse of Immigration laws.
Cease and withhold funding to Sanctuary Cities who refuse to enforce Federal Immigration laws.
Strictly enforce and levee fines and penalties for employers of Illegal Aliens, to the fullest extent prescribed by law.
All Illegal Aliens arrested, except for a Capital Offense is subject to immediate deportation.
Eliminate or severely curtail all foreign aid to countries who continue to encourage and aid their citizens to immigrate Illegally to the United States.

You will continue to fail America if you do any less regarding the issue of securing our borders.