Justice for Kirstin Lobato

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    The State of Nevada
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    The Justice 4 Kirstin Campaign
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We are a group of family members, friends and volunteers who are deeply concerned about the incarceration of Kirstin Blaise Lobato. Our concerns involve more than our relationship with Kirstin. We also are taxpayers, and we are concerned about the ineffective use of public funds attributable to the incarceration of wrongfully convicted people. We also believe the very act of incarcerating an innocent individual is morally and ethically wrong.

We, the undersigned, after having reviewed the available facts and information in the case of Kirstin Blaise Lobato conclude that:

The known facts and evidence in this case prove her innocence beyond a reasonable doubt. (For information go to www.justice4kirstin.com)

There are wrongful convictions occurring in our courts at an alarming rate. We, as voting, taxpaying citizens of the United States of America expect our tax dollars to be well spent, and that criminals, not innocents will pay the price for wrongdoings.

We, as citizens, share the same concerns about crime that others do. But our collective observation is that the "system" is often a large part of the problem instead of being a viable element or its solution. Although the crime rate is currently dropping, the rate of incarceration in our country is rising. Our Tough on Crime stance has not been a deterrent to the social problems that we have labled crimes. Until some reason is restored concerning the number of wrongful convictions, and until we are willing to decriminalize social issues, accidents and psychological illnesses, the problems will remain unsolved.

To deny justice undermines our legal institutions and violates human rights laws and standards; therefore

We hereby join the Justice 4 Kirstin Campaign (a nonpartisan group of concerned individuals) in seeking justice in this case, in demanding that the authorities of the State of Nevada immediately take steps to ensure that a fair trial be held or absolute pardon be granted.