Please continue the Korean drama series on TV2

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    TV2 - RTM, Malaysia
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We'd like RTM's Golden Channel TV2 to continue with the airing of Korean drama series. Please do not abandon these much-loved drama series. Viewers can only turn to TV2 to watch popular & highly rated Korean dramas in the original sound version. A lot of fans actually prefer to watch the dramas in the original language. Please do not disappoint those who have been following the Korean drama series on TV2 since 2001.

Some of the Korean dramas that we hope TV2 will screen:

All In - SBS 2003
Craving For Sunlight - MBC 1999
Damo - MBC 2003
Perfect Love - SBS 2003
Secret - MBC 2000
Beautiful Days - SBS 2001 (Please repeat this popular drama)