Petition for Implementation of the National Youth Council Act

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    President and Prime Minister of Kenya
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    National Youth Sector Alliance
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Petition for Implementation of the National Youth Council Act

The Government of Kenya gazzetted the National Youth Council Act on the 6th if January 2010(when?) which in effect set the stage for the creation of the Youth Council to coordinate the affairs of the Youth in the Country. Following the gazettment, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports requested for funds from the exchequer to support the elections of the council. The Ministry was allocated inadequate resources for this exercise thus inhibiting the kick off of the election process in a manner that is inclusive, participatory, free and fair.

The National Youth Sector Alliance is concerned at the slow pace at which the Government has approached implementation of the National Youth Council Act and this petition is to request for the Youth in Kenya to stand in solidarity and request the President the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya and the Ministry of Youth Affairs jointly with the Ministry of Finance to allocate adequate resources for the exercise to happen expeditiously.

The National youth Council is a very important organ for the development of Youth Programing in Kenya noting its critical role in organizing and supporting the growth of youth participation in National Development. The Council will act as the single voice of the Youth in articulating their desires, dreams, ambitions and aspirations. It will serve as the principle organ for Youth participation in the Implementation of the Constitution and will ensure that gains made by the Youth Sector in the new dispensation are protected.

Without adequate resources for the election process which includes information dissemination, awareness creation, registration of youth as voters, proper electoral systems and mechanisms and the actual voting there is serious doubt whether once in place NYC election process will indeed take place and whether when eveuntually in place be able to secure adequate commitment by Govenrment to fund its activities..

All young Kenyans have a right to be made aware when the NYC elections are scheduled to take place, what preparations have been put in place, how and where they can participate. All these activities require substantial budgetary resources.

This is to hereby request the Youth of Kenya to sign on the petition to the President and the Prime Minister to intervene and ensure resources are allocated and that the elections are supported through very professional organs.

During the Inaugural Prime Ministers Round Table the following actions were agreed upon
1. Allocation of resources to facilitate the election process.
2. Members of the advisory board should also be between the ages of 18-35 years.
3. The advisory body in addition should encapsulate value driven leadership
4. The National Youth Council Secretariat should be entirely run by Professionals all under the age of 35.
5. The elections be carried out under the supervision or observance of the Interim Intedependent Electoral Commission

The National Youth Sector Alliance is a national multi-stakeholder Change alliance focusing on Policy dialogue for Kenyan Youth. The Alliance brings together a conglomeration of various youth sector actors NGOs, Societies, FBOs, CBOs Youth Groups, among others in coming together for purposes of ensuring coherent engagement within the larger sphere of youth development.

We the undersigned Youth of Kenya do present this petition to the President and the Prime Minister for quick intervention