Cornish Regional Assembly Referendum

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I, the undersigned, call on the UK Government to hold a referendum in Cornwall on the question of establishing a Cornish Assembly.

By signing this petition you can help Cornwall to persuade the UK Government to hold a referendum in Cornwall and to establish a devolved, directly-elected Regional Assembly of Cornwall.


1. I want a referendum in Cornwall on the question of a Cornish Regional Assembly.
2. I oppose a referendum for the South West which includes Cornwall and which seeks to test support for a SW regional assembly.
3. I support a referendum in the six counties of the south west on the question of a SW assembly, to run parallel with, and to work jointly with a Cornish Assembly where appropriate.

A Referendum in Cornwall
The level of interest in holding a referendum in Cornwall about establishing an elected regional assembly in Cornwall is very strong.

My reasoning and evidence is:

50,000 people have signed the Cornish Declaration calling for a devolved Cornish Regional Assembly.
The Beaufort Research Survey (June 2002) showed 46\% in favour of a Cornish Assembly, 34\% not in favour of any assembly, 12\% in favour of a south west assembly and 8\% dont knows.
Carrick District Council, Cornwall County Council and Restormel Borough Council have all passed resolutions calling for a referendum on the issue of a Cornish Assembly.
Kerrier District Council, North Cornwall District Council and Penwith District Council have passed resolutions rejecting the concept of a seven county south west Assembly, while the latter two support the notion of a Cornish Assembly.
Caradon District Council has criticized the White Paper while the Council of the Isles of Scilly has not yet taken a position.
Over 50 town and parish councils in Cornwall have indicated that they are in favour of a Cornish Assembly