Statement of Solidarity with Abdulkarim Al-Khaiwani and Yemeni Journalists

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    President Saleh
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To President Saleh:

We the undersigned private citizens of many nations are writing to demonstrate our solidarity with Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani and Yemeni journalists.

We have come to the conclusion that Mr. al-Khaiwani is a prisoner of conscience having examined the details of the case including his irregular trial, his lack of a defense, the charges which include insulting the president, and his inability for six months to receive his appeal after several scheduled court dates.

We express our commitment to the concept of a free press in Yemen and to the Yemeni people as they peacefully work toward representative government.

We trust that Mr. al-Khaiwani's new court date set for March 22, 2005 will not be delayed again, as occurred five times previously. We hope that his appeal will be heard by a judicial member acting with independence and the authority of conscience.

We are concerned for Mr. al-Khaiwani's health and will be monitoring his well being through time. We ask that you do your utmost to insure his care.

We are acting with respect and affection for the Yemeni people in asking that you permit the free flow of ideas both in the media and in society. This is the essence of democracy.