Stop Deporting Kiana Firouz, the Iranian Lesbian

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    To save Kiana Firouz's life by stopping her deport from UK
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Dear Friends

Kiana Firouz, is an Iranian Lesbian whose application for asylum has been turned down by the home office. Her appeal against home offices decision was dismissed by the adjudicator with baseless grounds. Notwithstanding Home office officially accepted the fact that she is a lesbian within the refusal letter. Please sign the following petition to save her life before its too late

Homosexuality in Iran, treated according to the Islamic law, is a sin in the eyes of God and a crime for society. In Islam generally homosexuality is among the worst possible sins you can imagine" (PB).The punishment for lesbianism involving persons who are mature, of sound mind, and consenting, is 100 lashes. If the act is repeated three times and punishment is enforced each time, the death sentence will apply on the fourth occasion. (Articles 127, 129, 130) The ways of proving lesbianism in court are the same as for male homosexuality. (Article 128)