Support for Nathan Warmack's Right to Wear his Kilt

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Letter to the Editor

We, the following, are proud members of Clan Gunn, of North America and Scotland. We were absolutely stunned and appalled to hear about Mr. McClard's decision as Principal of Jackson High School to require Nathan Warmack, a student at the school, to change clothes or be evicted from the Silver Arrow dance because he was wearing a kilt.

We could better understand his decision had he worn it to attend class, but a school DANCE? We could even understand his decision had he been wearing a tee shirt touting drugs, alcohol, smoking, hate propaganda, or porn OR if he had been exposing himself in some lewd manner. ...But because it was a "distraction" at a school dance? From what? From the intense concentration it takes to dance?

These politically correct times in which we live require us to
accept many "alternative" attitudes. They are shoved down our
throats daily. We have to accept Ebonics, gender-sensitive language
and behavior, alternative lifestyles, and reverse discrimination to
name just a few. We are EXPECTED to show tolerance for everyone who
chooses "break the mold." We would lay odds that Mr. McClard has dealt with
just such issues many times as a principal of a high school.

Yet, Mr. McClard finds it inappropriate for a young man to show pride in his
Scottish heritage by wearing a kilt? Mr. McClard insults his heritage by
insinuating that he looked like a clown?

How could an educated person, who is in charge of educating our youth, not see the amazing educational opportunity provided by that
young man? Nathan's pride in his familial heritage COULD have opened the
doors to discussions regarding other children's heritages,
geography, and cultural traditions. It COULD have been a very
positive situation had Mr. McClard shown the insight to turn it into a
learning moment rather than a media event.

How could a person who works with kids on a daily basis not see the
importance of self-esteem and the courage it takes young people to
show pride in their families' heritages? We cannot fathom Mr. McClard's decision, and it angers us that while we are barraged by PC expectations from every possible single-issue group out there, that he would choose to diminish the Scottish tradition of the kilt in such a really unnecessary context; a school dance.

There is something to be said for choosing one's battles wisely.
This is not an example of a wise choice in that regard. Making an
issue out of this particular situation shows incredible short-
sightedness on Mr. McClard's part as an educator on so many levels.

We truly hope Mr. McClard finds the courage to apologize to Nathan Warmack. He deserves an apology.