KEEP Andrew Jackson on the Twenty

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Over the past few decades there has been a movement to take Andrew Jackson off the United States $20 Dollar Bill, mainly due to his actions against the Native Americans. In the post-civil right era this tragedy seems to have overshadowed his great triumphs and success as a General and as a President. He was for the common man, he made the United States a real democracy. He won the battle of New Orleans and kept the frontiers safe. However, all of his great deeds he has done for our great nation seems to be overshadowed by the Cherokee Trail of Tears. While he is primarily responsible for this act, he must not be the scapegoat. Jackson believed that he was doing what was best for both the Natives and the settlers. He believed that they could never live together in peace. He has been compared to Hitler, a terribly inaccurate comparison. This one unfortunate act has unjustly overshadowed all of the great things he did, paying off the national debt, destroying the second bank of the United States, bringing the common people into the government, winning at New Orleans, and expanding the powers of the presidency.

We do firmly believe that Jackson should remain on the $20 bill. This is a petition to KEEP Andrew Jackson in the $20 bill.