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We the People of the Unites States of America, demand the United States Government cease and desist in its support of Israel in any way, shape or form, and especially monetarily at the expense of U.S. taxpayers.

If the U.S. Government is going to wage a war on terrorism, it cannot continue to embrace and support Israel, which was founded on terrorism and continues to commit terrorist acts and atrocities on innocent Palestinians.

If the citizens of the United States are to remain safe from terrorist threats, then we must end our alliance with Israel since it is that alliance that single-handedly caused the events of 9/11. We do not buy into the propaganda that Arabs are jealous of our freedom and lifestyle, we clear-thinking Americans who do not allow ourselves to become brainwashed by the mainstream media, know that the Arab Nations hate the U.S. because of it's Anti-Arab, Pro-Israel stance. And we clear-thinking Americans see the hypocriscy in this "War on Terrorism". The U.S. cannot support Israel if it truly wants to end terrorism. In addition, we the people do not consider Israel an ally in light of the numerous acts of spying, in light of the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel, in light of the fact that Israelis were found to be celebrating on a rooftop just across from the WTC on 9/11, and therefore suggests that the MOSSAD might have some involvement.

We no longer want our tax dollars going to Israel. We no longer want jewish lobbyists running around Washington getting their every wish granted. We no longer want our politicians to accept money from jewish interest groups. We no longer want the U.S. to forgive financial support to Israel but instead call all notes due. We vehemently object to the recent award of two billion dollars to Israel and the 500 million additional financial aid, and we strongly object to these monies being paid in a lump sum.

Washington D.C. must no longer be an extension of Tel Aviv. This country cannot embrace Ariel Sharon "The Butcher of Beirut" who clearly should be executed for war crimes. And who clearly just recently admitted he is a murderer when he announced, "We should have killed Arafat 20 years ago.

Economist tallies swelling cost of Israel to U.S.