Million Voices for Kucinich

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We the undersigned support Dennis Kucinich for President. We are not afraid to speak up for the Progressive Candidate who is speaking up for the values that we hold dear.

We have been tricked into thinking the mainstream is much more conservative than it really is. There is a silent majority who believe in a more peaceful, just and sustainable vision for our nation and our world. But some are afraid to stand up for Dennis Kucinich, the candidate who is standing up for all the issues and ideals they believe in, because they don't think he will be accepted by "the mainstream." And so, they settle for someone they think can be elected, because defeating Bush is the most important thing in 2004 -- the nation and the world may not survive four more years of this Administration's greedy crony-capitalistic policies!

If we ALL proudly stand up for the one we believe in, not the one we think could win against Bush, not only will Dennis Kucinich win the Democratic nomination, but he will defeat Bush, and we will have a President who will lead our nation to a new era of peace and prosperity!

Join us in speaking up for the candidate who is speaking up for us. Together our voices will be heard.

Dennis Kucinich for President!