Kyleigh's Law Bill A4021

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    Mr. Roberts, Jr., The Speaker of the House
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Kyleighs Law (Bill A4021)


The #1 killer of teenagers doesnt have a trigger


They take nearly 6,000 young lives and injure another 300,000 teenagers every year.
1 out of 20 teens is fatally and/or seriously injured in an automobile accident.
61\% of teenage passenger deaths in 2005 occurred in vehicles driven by another teenager.
For 16 to 17-year-old drivers, just one passenger increases crash risk by about 50\%. With three or more passengers, the risk is nearly four times greater than while driving alone.

If 12 fully loaded jumbo jets
crashed every year.
There would be a public outcry.
Something would be done about it.
But every year, nearly 6000 teens die in car crashes
its time for a change

What can you do? Support Kyleighs Law Bill A4021

This bill will help enforce the laws concerning provisional drivers licenses.

This bill in is memory of Kyleigh Lauren DAlessio, a 16-year-old honor student and recognized athlete from Long Valley, New Jersey, who died in a car accident involving a young provisional driver with multiple passengers.

Listed below are a few specifics the bill would accomplish and a note of explanation for each:

require that the parent or guardian of a person under the age of 18 receive an informational brochure which clearly sets forth the special rules that apply to a holder of an examination permit or a provisional license; (note: many parents are not aware of all the restrictions for a GDL/provisional license)
require the chief administrator to issue an orange hang tag/sticker to be displayed when a vehicle is being driven by the holder of a provisional license; (note: the car being marked [hang tag/sticker] will 1) assist law enforcement in identifying an infraction; 2) will also help with the peer pressure of driving reckless and/or having more passengers than allowed; 3) with the car marked young drivers will know that they can be easily identified and will refrain from taking the risk)
require that an applicant for a provisional license wait one year after obtaining a learners permit before being issued a provisional license; (note: the State of New Jersey only requires a 6 hour drivers training course and 6 months as a permit driver before obtaining a GDL/provisional license; completing one full year with a learners permit will provide the driver with more experience prior to obtaining a GDL/provisional license)
change the threshold for requiring a remedial training course from more than two motor vehicle points to two or more motor vehicle points; (note: our young driver may never get a second chance, if a point applying violation has occurred we need to take note of if, immediately)
change the threshold for mandatory license suspension from two or more motor vehicle offenses to any motor vehicle offense; and (note: as stated above, we need to take note of any offenses, immediately; these are young, inexperienced drivers)
increase the mandatory license suspension from three months to five months (note: majority of the GDL/provisional license drivers will take note of this consequence, most will choose not to risk a lost of their privilege for this extended period of time, time that will need to be completed [1 full year] as a GDL/provisional driver before obtaining a New Jersey State License).

This bill is bipartisan and is currently supported by the following:

Assemblymen and Assemblywomen

Guy Gregg Primary Sponsor Joe Pennacchio Primary Sponsor
Peter Barnes Co-sponsor Patrick Diegnan Co-sponsor
Linda Stender Co-sponsor Joan Voss Co-sponsor
Eric Munoz Co-sponsor Sean Kean Co-sponsor

Mr. Wisniewski, Chairman of The Transportation and Public Works Committee, is currently stalling this Bill A4021. Kyleighs Law is our TEENS PROTECTION, please do not delay another day. The fatality statistics are UNACCEPTABLE, this is why taking action now is so important. We are asking for your support by adding your name to this petition. With this petition we are asking The Speaker of the House, Assemblyman Mr. Joseph Roberts Jr., to move this bill quickly and call committee on June 14, 2007 for The Transportation and Public Works.

Mr. Roberts Jr., 856-742-7600 [email protected]

You can view the bill in its entirety at

We thank you for your support, but more importantly your young drivers and ours will thank you. It may be the life of one you know or love that you are helping to save.

Kyleigh Lauren DAlessio
A ray of sunshine taken too soon
If a law such as Kyleighs Law were
in place before December 21, 2006,
she would still be here with us today.
We love you Kyleigh photos