Kymco Indonesia Should Be Back In Business

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The existence of a petition for continuance Kymco Indonesia

Strive Kymco of Business in Indonesia


We Kymco Indonesia Community kymco motor user, feel very aggrieved, when the top decision making KYMCO CORPORATION later closing of the business that has been started since 2000 in Indonesia. We disappointed because its very difficult when looking for kymco spareparts and want to buy a new product of it, when we are needed. We are sure that the product kymco is one of the best automotive products that have segments in the country. Indonesian people have a lot of product variations otomotf, especially the two wheels, but more than that, we, Kymco Indonesia Community understand and find products that provide a sense of comfort and respite, the new products we find on kymco.

Kymco product that is one of the best automotive products in Indonesia, it is be pitied when KYMCO CORPORATION must eventually close its business in Indonesia. You need to know, in the Indonesian automotive market, especially two-wheel drive is still the market is very potential to be developed, as long as you maintain it well and open, and would provide a good service to customers. And you need to know also, that we, the Community Kymco Indonesia akan presence kymco sure that the broad and increasingly beloved by its fans in Indonesia

KYMCO CORPORATION should be thinking about back when you close the business in Indonesia. Kymco big names and the market is very potential to be useless because of your decision in a hurry. Problems that you encountered with the old management in Indonesia should be abandoned, coupled relations that have a new mission, vision, strategy and the right, for the sake of progress kymco in Indonesia. With a more conducive, and involve the users, I believe the Netter, blogger, or milister forum members, we are confident will be more positive impact on both current events and the same in the future.

Product quality must be supported with the right management concept
We (the users motorcycle in Indonesia) agree that KYMCO is a quality brand

Should KYMCO CORPORATION resume business in Indonesia and is responsible for the customers? Do you Agree?