Walmart, please DO NOT get rid of your layaway program!

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    Walmart Stores Inc.
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Wal-Mart has decided to dissolve their layaway program after this holiday season. Wal-Mart maintains that they are following what the rest of the retail industry has done and that the layaway program is costly and too much of a burden for them. Wal-Mart, you MUST reconsider your decision! You claim to be there to help communities and have the lowest prices. Who do you think takes advantage of your low prices? Mostly low to middle class families who probably cannot afford to pay for their holiday shopping all at once. People who probably live in smaller homes or apartments who have no place to hide gifts and utilized the layaway program. There are many of us who exclusively do our holiday shopping at Wal-Mart solely because of the layaway program, but with it's omittance, we may be swayed by your competitors to shop with them. You have also mentioned the alternate ways that customers can pay for goods at Wal-Mart. A person who is in a financial struggle, likely does not have extra cash, money in their bank account, or credit cards to use. Many low income people have poor credit so any kind of financing is not an option. If the costs are Wal-Marts concern, I am sure a compromise could be made. Maybe you could add a service fee to the layaway program to help cover costs. Please, once again... PLEASE reconsider your decision to get rid of the layaway program. Many of use DEPEND on it!