Impeach Paul LePage, Governor of Maine

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    State of Maine Congress
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Governor Paul LePage is turning the state of Maine into the butt of the nation. His ineloquent style of speaking has attracted a plethora of negative attention to our state, and his comments are unbecoming of an elected official. His unprofessionalism is matched only by his lack of class.

In no way, shape, or form does Governor LePage represent me as a citizen of the state of Maine. It is unacceptable for someone so ignorant to be in charge of running our great state.

If you feel equally as embarrassed by Governor LePage's rhetoric, then join me and sign this petition. We'll send a message to the rest of the country that this man does not represent everyone from Maine, that his style of communication is not to be tolerated, and that new leadership for Maine is essential to resurrect our state's national image.