Langwarrin Mountain Bike Trail

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    Frankston Council / Bicycle Victoria / Victorian State Government
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    Mountain Bike Riders
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We, the interested parties signing below, wish the Frankston Council, Bicycle Victoria and the Victorian State Government to develop a mountain bike trail within the existing boundaires of Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve. The existing trails are good, but they are not long enough, nor specifically designed for Mountain biking, a very popular pursuit in this area. The nearest 'genuine' mountain bike trail is at Lysterfield Park, some 45 minutes by car away, creating considerably more carbon gases than the short drive to the existing reserve at langwarrin would create.

We are willing to work with the above-mentioned bodies to design and construct the mountain bike trails, and look forward to using them regularly as another way of increasing the health and fitness of the residents of this city, and those beyond who may come to use such a wonderful facility.

As regular uses of the reserve, it is our opinion that there is sufficient space for an extensive mountain bike trail to be created, without disturbing the lovely ambience of the park as it exists today.