Defend Anti-War Marine, Liam Madden

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    US Marine Corps
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We, the undersigned, call for an end to the attacks on all Iraq and Afghanistan veterans for practicing their right to free speech after discharge. In particular, Liam Madden, who both resides in Boston and cofounded the Appeal for Redress, a statement calling for withdrawal from Iraq that has been signed by 2,000 active duty troops. Liam has been an active member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. The United States Marine Corps is threatening to change his honorable discharge to a less than honorable discharge, ostensibly for wearing his uniform at a political event and reportedly making disloyal statements despite not currently serving in any military capacity as a Marine. This is a clear attempt to silence a leading voice in the anti-war movement.

As Howard Zinn says, "Liam Madden sets a wonderful example, not only
for other veterans of the Iraq war, but for all of us. It is absolutely
essential that there be a full discussion among the citizenry about the
morality of this war, and we cannot have a full discussion without the
participation of soldiers who have engaged in war and know it first
hand. So Liam Maddan's right to speak must be defended, not just for his
sake, but for the sake of democracy itself."

We demand that all discharged veterans, be they marines, soldiers, airmen and seamen, have the right to speak out against the war as guaranteed to all citizens under the US constitution.