Save Law & Order: Trial By Jury

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To NBC Universal, producers of Law & Order: Trial By Jury:

We, the undersigned, are dismayed at the cancellation of the latest entry in the Law & Order franchise. As committed fans of the Law & Order series, we feel that Trial By Jury is a necessary component to the franchise. The chances the show has had are, at best, marginal. The loss of Jerry Orbach to the show, as well as its midseason debut, has set the show up for decent, though by comparison unsuccessful, ratings. If the show is at least kept for one more season, fans can be allowed to have a chance to watch the show on a more continual basis, and new fans may be brought in. We understand the difficulties NBC has dealt with this year in programming, but canceling a show with approximately 11 million viewers a week to keep on programs that bring in approximately 8 million or less per week is appalling. If nothing else, we ask that Trial By Jury be brought back on NBC for another midseason debut, or brought to USA, where other Law & Order shows have flourished on cable, and bring a batch of first-run episodes. The very least, though, that can be done is to either show the shelved episode Eros In The Upper Eighties during the summer or at some other time, or release the series to DVD as soon as possible.