LPUers for a Proper LPU 8.0 CD Petition

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    LPUnderground Members and Linkin Park fans
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We, the undersigned, find that any potential for LPU HQ and management to make the LPU 8.0 CD a "Best Of" compilation consisting of tracks from previous LPU CDs, or filled with live tracks (meaning more than 20\% of the CD) to be COMPLETELY unacceptable and against our wishes.

We have expressed time and time again our dislike for live tracks as we already have access to, or do not want altogether. As customers of this site, we strongly encourage HQ and management to listen to our wishes.

It is VERY important to note that we (LPU members) were greatly upset by the LPU 7 CD after being, for lack of a better term, duped into voting for 10 tracks without being told what it was for. We already had ALL of these songs or at least had free access to them. There is absolutely no need to do a live CD once again and especially not a compilation CD. It is not what we, the LPUers, want. While we understand certain limitations, it is a widely known fact that there are demos and b-sides that have never seen the light of day and we see no reason why these could not make up the breadth of the new LPU CD. The new CD could even consist of new songs the band records, pending they have such songs created or in process. It is also known that there are quite a few unreleased songs from the last albums recording sessions, and we speak on behalf of all Linkin Park fans when we say that we would love to hear them. What a better way to do this than to release them to the official fan club the group of fans that supports the band more than anyone else.

As you might already know, the band itself supports sharing and trading of the live DSPs (Digital Souvenir Packages) that are sold at most shows, resulting in hundreds and hundreds of fans collecting every show that is recorded. The LPUnderground was created and is supposed to be something special for Linkin Park fans to join - with some kind of return for that. Live tracks that are already mainstream is not a proper return by any means.

In summary, it is our wish not to have a Best Of compilation as well as if any live tracks, few to none only, on the new LPU 8 CD. As paying customers and LPUers new and old, it is our wish that you will hear our unified voice.