SAVE Lipstick Jungle

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SAVE Lipstick Jungle

To: Ben Silverman and NBC Execs

We, the undersigned, LOVE Lipstick Jungle! We are loyal fans that feel that Lipstick Jungle deserves a chance to stay on the air. It is a show based upon friendship, fashion, relationships and successful career driven women and it is what television needs nowadays. There are too many reality shows that people can not relate to. Women can relate to Lipstick Jungle and relate to aspects of their lives. If you cancel the show you cancel a truly amazing show that deserves time to develop and progress the storylines. Friday nights is a tough timeslot, How about Thursday nights after ER goes off the air, Thursdays at 10pm is a great timeslot or Sunday nights? Please take into consideration that nowadays people record their shows and watch them at a later date. That is not because the show is not important but instead that people have to work, study, or take care of their families. Look at the ratings for recording the show because everyone I know watches this show!!

The timeslots that its been given are not working. Why not try an earlier one? You obviously believed in this show enough to renew it but delaying new episodes until Fall didnt work. Why throw that all away so quickly? If necessary, we ask that you find a new channel in the NBC Universal family to air it or, at the very least, to bring the series to a fulfilling conclusion.

There are millions of viewers who enjoy this program each week. Doesnt the show deserve a better chance? Or an ending where we know how Nico, Wendy and Victory end up?

If you're a fan of the show, please sign this petition to help convince NBC not to cancel it.

Thank you and please don't ignore us NBC we deserve to be heard!!

Everyone that signs this petition please note this e-mail from one the writers on the set and send a tube of lipstick to NBC.
" Yeesh. The Jungles been getting kind of stressful. Understatement. I know a lot of you have been surmising that the show was in trouble and worrying it would be taken off the air. Well, you were right. The network and the studio have been very complimentary about the episodes this season, but LJs numbers arent high enough to keep the show on the air. Next week may be our last episode. Then theyll contemplate whether we come back for a third season. Either way, now is the time to show your support. Let Ben Silverman, the head of NBC, know how much the show means to you. Theres a last ditch Save the Jungle campaign underway: Send a tube of lipstick to Mr. Silverman (any shade will do) at the following address: 100 Universal City Plaza Universal City, CA 91608. And pray."