Stop the Luna Jingle at Wrigley Field

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    The Chicago Cubs Marketing Department
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    Fans of the Chicago Cubs
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This petition is directed towards the Chicago Cubs front office, specifically Cubs' Marketing Director Matt Wszolek.

Please stop playing the obnoxious Luna jingle during Cubs games. Not only is it possibly the most annoying jingle known to man, but it mars otherwise happy occasions during the game (extra base hits, runs, stolen bases, etc). After only a handful of games I've developed a cringing Pavlovian response to all positive plays.

We understand that advertising within the stadium is a necessary evil, and has been steadily spreading over the past few years like mold on a piece of bread, but until this jingle it has all been passive advertising. The fans had a choice whether or not to view the digital signs and billboards, but this jingle is an involuntary assault on our ears. Not only is the jingle completely obnoxious, but it is extremely loud. So loud, in fact, that it can be heard over the television and throughout the neighborhood.

After attending Wednesday night's (4/22) shutout loss to the Reds, I was upset by the poor play but sincerely happy that I didn't have to hear that stupid jingle once during the game. There shouldn't be any sort of silver lining to a Cubs game that bad, but you've provided one, I guess.

Whatever Luna's paying you, it's not enough. You're pissing off your fans. As for Luna, I vow to never shop there until this stops and I sincerely hope everyone who signs this petition feels the same. Mr. Wszolek, if you won't stop playing the jingle, I hope the folks at Luna have the good sense to pull the campaign since name recognition doesn't mean much when everyone groans and covers their ears when they hear your jingle.

Please stop.