The End of Anime Rumors

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To all the anime fans across the globe,

Ive decided that today is an appropriate time to discuss the persistant trend Ive seen over the past two years that Ive been writing the Answerman column. It is one that plagues message boards, civil discussions, and my mail box on a regular basis and, though its had its ups and downs, remains a constant problem.

Im talking about the loathsome questions pertaining to second (or future) seasons, OVAs, or movies to anime series that ended too soon. These heart-broken fans, lost and confused, flock to the internet in the hopes of gleening some rumor about more of their favorite series being made and, when their hopes are dashed upon the rocky shores of reality, whisper of rumors in their blogs, create online petitions, and flood my mailbox about how their sisters cousin who lives in Japan heard that theyre making a second season of (blank), is it true?. And while cries for more Berserk and Hellsing slowly begin to fade, theyre replaced by the names of newer, hipper series that have just finished airing in Japan.

This petition is being created with the hope, supported by numerous others who will add their non-binding and generally untraceable names and comments, that people will not only stop sending me such emails but will go so far as to not flood their blogs and the anime forums across the net with their rumors of the promise land.

Please join us all in making our dream a reality.