We want a BMW M3 V8 CSL

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We, the undersigned, are outraged by BMW's decision to cancel the M3 V8 CSL project.

BMW have decided to focus on building X5M and X6M and to put the famous M3 CSL to rest. Apparently the world doesn't need another sportscar.
BMW has through many years succeeded in building a fantastic sporty image and have many epic cars, each contributing to this image through the years, but now BMW have decided to go green. Building environmentally friendly and fuel efficient cars is now the only priority.
Nothing wrong with that but don't forget your sporty heritage and why you have so many fans and enthusiasts around the world.

We request that BMW immediately reconsider this drastic move and to bring back the M3 CSL we all know and love. Do not cancel the project, fulfill our hopes and dreams.
Give us a car that both young people, adults and enthusiasts can dream about and hopefully own one day.