Bring Back the Cube

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    Apple, Inc.
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We, the undersigned, encourage Apple to reconsider it's decision to 'freeze' the Powermac Cube product line. The marriage of size, elegance, ease of use, and stunning attractiveness was before its time when it was first launched, but we believe that market conditions and advances in technology have come together to create the ideal time to re-launch and re-purpose a new Powermac Cube product for the teeming millions of loyal Apple users and customers. We believe the Powermac Cube is the 'missing link' product hinering Apple from achieving it's oft-stated goal to win over significant portions of the Windows-using community. A cheap, fast, and partially upgradable/expandable machine situated betwen the iMac and Powermac G5 by the best industrial design team on Earth is just what the doctor ordered.