"MADtv" Complete Seasons on DVD

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This is a petition to request that QDE Entertainment and Warner Brothers continue the DVD-boxed-set reissues of complete seasons of the hilarious sketch comedy series "MADtv." The complete Season One DVD set was issued last year; however, because of reportedly disappointing sales, the planned series of complete "MADtv" DVD sets has been discontinued. Although QDE and Warner are releasing a "Best of 'MADtv'" DVD this year to spotlight the show's last three seasons, we feel that a cutting-edge comedy series like "MADtv," with so many wonderful recurring characters and witty parodies, deserves to be released in its entirety, not just as a series of "best-of's." Therefore, by signing this petition, you will be helping "MADtv" fans in an effort to continue complete-season DVD releases of this wonderful show.

Please visit http://www.planetmadtv.com for more information.