Men Against Depo Provera

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    Depo Provera Horror Stories
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This petition has been created on behalf of the MALE victims of depo provera.
The husbands, boyfriends and fathers of women who are desperately ill as a direct result of depo provera. Why is this petition only for men? Good question. The answer, unfortunate but true, is that the women, the direct victims are being ignored!

Hence, we turn to the men. It is a mans world, so let the men speak up! Perhaps they will get us the attention we so desperately deserve.

We turn to the men...

The men who watch us every day and night cry in pain, unable to soothe us. The men who watch us bounce from doctor to doctor to no avail. The men who sit patiently by as we wait and pray for our libido to return. The men who quitely watch our bodies age drastically before their very eyes. This petition is for the MEN whose wives, sisters, and daughters lives have been destroyed by depo provera.

Don't get me wrong! I am not some weak women who hides behind her husband. Quite the opposite. I am strong, I am vocal, and I am persistent. However I am also intelligent. I know what it takes to get results. As women fighting this fight we are being ignored. Let's try something else shall we?

I encourage all men who watch their loved one suffering from depo provera to sign this petition. But don't stop there! Help us spread the word.

Shelly Keck-Borsits
Victim of Depo Provera