Bring the Pilot episode and the complete Series 1-2 (a total of 21 episodes) of Marmalade Atkins 1981, 1982-1984 out on dvd.

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We the undersigned would like the Pilot episode and the complete Series 1-2 (a total of 21 episodes) of the 1980's childrens television series Marmalade Atkins released on dvd.

Marmalade Atkins was created and written by the prolific writer Andrew Davies and starred the late Charlotte Coleman in the title role. Marmalade was a teenage rebel who made everyones's lives a misery, but it was her charm that made her also likeable at the same time. Marmalade made her debut on television in 1981 in a 25 minute pilot called Marmalade Atkins in Space. This was followed by two successful series, Educating Marmalade in 1982 and Danger - Marmalade At Work in 1984. The two series each contained 10 episodes all of which lasted for 15 minutes. It was very entertaining and Andrew Davies used his imagination brilliantly here because they certainly don't make them like this anymore. If only todays television bosses invested in good scriptwriters to create some wonderful imaginative series.

Please specifically state folks when signing this petition whether you would buy the pilot episode and both series.

Please consider what has been said in this petition because it would make a lot of people very happy to see this great series available to buy in HMV and Virgin Megastore.