Justice for Maria-Therese

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Dear survivors, sympathizers of domestic violence, and friends:

My name is Maria-Therese. I am a twenty three year old college graduate and a survivor of Domestic Violence. I feel that I have been failed by the system of laws that has been put in place to protect me.

I was in an abusive relationship for a year and a half. In the last seven months of the relationship things became physically violent. The relationship ended with my ex- boyfriend trashing our hotel room with most of my belongings and taking our car. (Which was mostly financed through me, because he had guilted and forced me into using my credit along with his so he could have something to drive.) It took me almost a month after he left to talk to the authorities because of the fear I had of speaking out against him.

The first officer that I spoke with did not at first classify my case as Domestic Violence, even though I still had three bruises and one scar on my body. I found out later from another officer that it was in fact Domestic Violence, and my case should have been reported as such with an arrest. I had been preparing everything including getting an injunction against my former partner, calling my witnesses, and pulling all of my resources to get ready for a possible trial only to hear that my case had been closed by the state because they did not believe there was enough evidence to continue.

In the past instance my abuser had been charged with battery of a woman and had spent time in jail. Even with my former partners past record and pictures of my scar and bruises, he was not charged and I am forced to live in fear because he is free. The scar from the cut that I have on my arm is a reminder of the constant pain, fear, and helplessness that I felt for so long.

Imagine seeing a Domestic Abuse poster that you once viewed as your mantra only to feel as though it has been shattered by those who are supposed to stand for it.

This petition is meant to be forwarded to the State Attorney in hopes of reopening my case and to whomever can help me ensure that justice will be served. I need your help to show that Domestic Violence is intolerable in every way shape and form and that every case should be evaluated seriously.

Thank you for showing your support in my cause by signing this petition and helping to make sure that no act of Domestic Violence goes unpunished.