Marlton Circle Elimination-Stop The Overpass

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We, the undersigned, respectfully request that NJDOT and our government officials abandon their plan to replace The Marlton Circle with an Overpass and instead replace The Circle with an "Intelligent Intersection with Smart Lights".
We are strongly opposed to an Overpass that will result in complex road configurations, bypass local businesses, fail to resolve traffic congestion within a very short distance in all 4 directions of this intersection of Routes 73 and 70, and change the "small town" character of Marlton. reference:
We request that the millions of dollars saved (close to $50 million) be spent to resolve other traffic problems in the immediate area.
We further request that NJDOT and our government officials get seriously involved in meaningful conversations with Marlton's local residents to achieve satisfactory results to the traffic congestion with which we are required to deal on a daily basis.