Justice for the Deaf and Pharmacist with Disabilities

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    Pharmacy Board, Schools of Pharmacy, Parliament
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My name is Maryan Mikhael and I am currently fighting with the Pharmacy Board for having the power to impose conditions on registrations of pharmacists based solely on the reason of their disabilities despite holding a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and having passed the same pharmacist registration exams as other pharmacists without assistance.
I am hearing impaired/deaf and I am a pharmacist now working 2 days a week after searching for a job for 10 months. I can't even find a full time job that matches the conditions imposed on my registration by the Board where I can't work as a sole pharmacist. The majority of the pharmacies in Australia only employ 1 pharmacist and its unfair. I can lipread and communicate verbally as well as have the advantage of AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language). The Board is concerned that I would harm the public because of miscommunication but there are deaf/hearing impaired people who are part of the public. There are currently 1 in 6 Australians who have hearing loss and it will increase to be 1 in 4 by 2050. How can hearing pharmacists communicate with deaf people if their first language is Auslan? The Board may as well impose conditions on all hearing pharmacists to not to communicate with a deaf patient without a deaf pharmacist present (which is me and I'm the only one here in Australia!) or if they are fluent in Auslan to minimise risk of miscommunication as well! Don't you see how hypocritical the Board is being? They are also being discriminatory under the Equal Opportunity Act.
I would greatly appreciate it if you can please sign this petition to help me win my case against the Board and to have the government modify the law in the Pharmacy Act to prevent the Board from having the power to impose conditions on people with disabilities for reasons only on their disabilities despite having proven themselves during traineeship and passing all their pharmacist registration exams as this contradicts the Equal Opportunity Act.
I also would like to petition for all universities to introduce Auslan in the Bachelor of Pharmacy Course so that all future pharmacists can understand Auslan at some level so they can communicate with deaf patients.