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Recently Mauis only Modern Rock Station X92.5FM was reformatted to Native 92.5, Local Favorites and Smooth Reggae Jams. This action by the Pacific Radio Group leaves Maui without access to a Modern and Local Rock format on the FM dial. Bands like: NOFX, Green Day, Nickelback, Hollywood Undead, Hoobastank, Avenged Sevenfold, Panic! at the Disco, Kings of Leon, KoRn, Paramore, Pepper, 311, Linkin Park, Lily Allen, Katy Perry are now officially off the dial.

This is a sad and seemingly punitive decision by Programmers at Pacific Radio Group against Rock Bands and Local Rock Music. Recently excellent hard working local bands with musicianship such as Erin Smith and the Throwdowns, A Kettle Prime, Kanekoa, (The Order Of The) White Rose, Byron Brown and the Derelicts and others were starting to get airplay, discussion and promotion during JoJos prime-time slot on X92.5. The bands that Native 92.5 now play are commonly known as Jawaiian, OC16 type bands (NuffSedd, Maoli, Ekolu, etc.). Is Native 92.5FM a light-weight knock-off of 103.7? (Q103 is not owned by the Pacific Radio Group)

Changing the format for higher ratings is hard to believe with the gigantic rock demographic on Maui

SOLUTION: Sign this petition! We will deliver it to Pacific Radio Group and other media for review and comment. Response or not, we will use this data collected to establish the need for a Modern Rock format station elsewhere on the dial. The Modern Rock demographic is enormous on Maui whether Pacific Radio Group wants to acknowledge it or not.

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