Stop the Access-A-Ride Fare Hike

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    MTA New York City Transit
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Elliot G. Sander
Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
MTA New York City Transit
347 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Dear Mr. Sander:

All New Yorkers have an equal right to public transportation. The proposed doubling of the Access-A-Ride fare places an unfair burden on some of our citys most vulnerable riders. New Yorkers with disabilities are more likely to be living on low or fixed incomes than other transit users 85 percent of Access-A-Ride users are unemployed; 64 percent have a total household income of less than $35,000 and therefore rely on Access-A-Ride to participate in their communities. When barriers to transportation are created for people with disabilities, the stage is set for isolation rather than integration. If this happens, we all lose.

The MTA is in a financial crisis and all realistic options to close the deficit must be explored. However, doubling the Access-A-Ride fare will generate a trivial amount of revenue while burdening, if not stranding, thousands of New Yorkers. This cannot be the answer to the MTAs budget shortfall. The MTA must act responsibly and consider a wide range of budget solutions before placing this financial burden on Access-A-Ride users. We urge you to withdraw the MTA proposal to double the Access-A-Ride fare.