Canadian Hockey Fans United Against Pierre McGuire

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We the people of Canada demand higher standards for the colour commentary of our national sport. Pierre McGuire has raised the ire of Canadians across the country. We recognize that Pierre McGuire continuously speaks about the game of hockey as though he were the chap who first came upon a frozen mottle of cow business and decided to whack it around with some wood. Sure, we can all put aside his regal 93-94 season in which he took the helm as interim coach of the Carolina Hurriances. In that season he shone his glorious omnipotent beam of hockey knowledge upon the dark skies of the carolina tarfields, leading them to a 23-37-7 rcord. While he may always be able to hold this accomplishment over the head of anyone who questions his rink prowess, it does not stop us the people from standing up to this little man. His constant browbeating analysis of the minutiae of every mistake during every second of the entire game amounts to nothing more than an auditory garbagecan. Furthermore, the constant repeating of the same points over and over ad nauseum, have left many of us nauseous before the end of the 1st.
We wish to ask Pierre McGuire to reaize that his falsely inflated hockey ego has reached epic proportions and that he must step down in order to keep the integrity in the game.