Pulseaudio Removal

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    Mandriva Linux S.A, Paris
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We, the undersigned, petition Mandriva Linux S.A, of Paris, France, one of the world's largest distributors of the Linux operating system, to remove Pulseaudio and all support for the same, from their future Linux releases. This package and the system it provides are causing a lot of grief for many Mandriva users, whereby more than 90\% are disabling it in their system configurations.

The Pulseaudio system causes undue overload to most modern CPU's from Pentium 4 upwards, by making them run at over 40 - 50\% load while playing music. It also breaks many applications which users find useful, such as AmaroK, Audacity and KDEnlive (video editor).

ALSA for many a good year, has been the nominated and accepted Sound system provided by Mandriva, and indeed its predecessor, Mandrake, and has caused little or no grief in any way to the users of this fine product.

With ALSA, you could be guaranteed that your system would play sound. And it would be good.

On behalf of the Mandriva Linux users below, we implore Mandriva to dump Pulseaudio and give us something which works. Like ALSA.