to Virgin Records and The Spice Girls to make an official statement about the group's future

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We, the Spice fans, want to start a petition to send to Virgin Records concerning The Spice Girls. The fans are fed up of constant (and often false) rumours about a comeback, about the greatest hits etc.

We want an official press release either from Virgin Records or The Spice Girls concerning their future.

The girls have never officially broken up - at least not publicly, and they owe it to their fans (who still support them around the world) to spell out their future comittments. If they are not going to get back on tour or in the studio like some of them have said, they should come clean and state that they have broken up.

They (meaning both Virgin and the Spice Girls) should not keep their fans hanging on like this; an official statement would also put an end to any future false rumours about a reunion.

If you want Virgin Records or the Spice Girls to make an official statement about groups future, please sign this petition.