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    Larry Lucchino, John Henry, Tom Werner, Theo Epstein, and the rest of the Boston Red Sox Staff
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First of all, we would like to take the time and congratulate you all and the team for a great post-season run culminating in another World Series championship! As members of Red Sox Nation, we could not be any more proud and pleased with the job well done. So again, we thank you all!

Now as we look past the 2007 season and into the 2008 season there is one thing that is very much on the mind of Red Sox Nation: the re-signing of Mike Lowell.

We want him back at the hot corner of third base, hitting fifth or sixth (or honestly, wherever manager Terry Francona would like him to hit), blasting doubles off of the Green Monster, and just being the great player and person he has been for years to come.

If it has not been clear yet, we of Red Sox Nation want him back as our third baseman for those years to come.

While it may be very obvious, let us quickly lay out the statistics for the past two seasons:
In 2006: .284 AVG, .339 OBP, .475 SLG, 20 HR, and 80 RBI
In 2007: .324 AVG, .378 OBP, .501 SLG, 21 HR, and 120 RBI (a team high in RBIs).

These statistics show that Mike Lowell has elevated his game since his coming to Boston. In the perspective of Red Sox Nation, he has been the team MVP the entire 2007 season. He delivered for the team when the team needed something big to happen. Mike Lowell has been "a clutch player" this entire season.

However, this past post-season, he has taken things to another level:
2007 Post-Season: .353 AVG, .410 OBP, .608 SLG, 2 HR, and 16 RBI
In all but two games, he has had at least a hit.
In the World Series alone, his stats: .400 AVG, 1 HR, 4 RBI, 3 walks, and 6 runs.
Last but definitely not least, he was named the World Series MVP.

While these are just the batting statistics, lets us not forget how great of a glove he fields out at third base. Mike Lowell is a Gold Glove winning fielder and an award like that does not come easy. Also, let us not forget he is a 4 time All-Star team selection (1 AL, 3 NL).

But let us simply forget the sabermetrics and simply look at what makes Mike Lowell so important to Red Sox Nation. He is a quiet, hard-working player who goes day-in and day-out giving it his all without looking for attention. He is a consummate professional and a leader in the clubhouse. Last but not least, he is a class act as a person and as a baseball player.

Red Sox Nation could not see our beloved Fenway Parks third base occupied by anybody else but Mike Lowell. We urge you to re-sign Mike Lowell and please make the process of doing so your top priority this off-season.