Oppose Larry H. Miller's Keynote

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    Office of the President, University of Utah
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On Friday, April 21st, Larry H. Miller has been invited to give a keynote address during the annual Discover U Days celebration. We, the undersigned, feel that this invitation is a direct violation of the University of Utahs mission statement, which states that the University is fully committed to the goals of equal opportunity and affirmative action, which are designed to ensure that each individual be provided with the opportunity for full, unhampered, and responsible participation in every aspect of campus life. Recently, Mr. Millers outspoken homophobia and blatant bigotry have received national press. He has unapologetically alienated a vibrant, important part of our campus community: our faculty, our students, and our staff.

By extending Mr. Miller this opportunity, the University of Utah is condoning the use of hate speech and insidious tactics of segregation. We believe that institutions of higher education, most especially those dedicated to ideals of equal opportunity, must take a stand against all forms of prejudice and hate.

We request that the University of Utah rescind this thoughtless invitation and issue a formal statement of apology to members of the LGBTQ population and their many allies.