HP mininote MkII - use Nano CPU + Nvidia GPU

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Dear HP,

We all know and love the flawed gem that is the mininote 2133 netbook, is has many features that stand head and shoulders above those of its competitors.
> Beautiful aesthetics
> Bomb-proof 'industrial' design
> Hi-res screen
> Excellent keyboard

However, it suffers from a number of crippling performance flaws that stand it in poor stead when considered against the multitude of identikit Atom netbooks. Most notably these include:
> Terrible CPU performance - yes, worse even than the in-order Intel Atom
> Disgraceful GPU performance - yes, worse even than the arthritic Intel 945G
> Non-flush design of the 6-cell battery, which is frankly a necessity

There is absolutely no doubt that the HP mininote wins on design, and loses on performance, against the untold millions of identikit Atom netbooks, so what can you do about this in the much hoped for refresh of your innovative and standout netbook?

We the undersigned suggest the following remedies:
1. Adopt the new Via Nano CPU -
It is an out-of-order 64bit processor that offers performance equal to, or better than, the Intel Atom used in all the mininote competitor products.
2. Adopt the new nVidia MCP79u chipset -
It is a powerful DirectX 10 chipset that will enable GP-GPU functions via CUDA and OpenCL to accelerate the computing functions of the 21st century.
3. Design a flush-fitting 6-cell battery -
This is a netbook, designed to be totally portable, an aim that is at odds with the lumpen 6-cell battery available on the current 2133 mininote.

Using the ideas outlined above to make a mkII HP mininote will give you not only the most rugged and best looking netbook, but a level of performance that is both genuinely useful and light years ahead of what the Intel netbook platform can offer. The age of unavoidable and unmitigated compromise will be past, and HP will be the only netbook manufacturer with THE solution.

It is the right direction for HP to pursue, we implore you to take it.